Tuesday, May 10, 2011

A Gay Old Time: Vancouver Men's Chorus Spring Concert

The Artful Blogger is a sucker for a song and a dance, preferably together. He didn’t have a high school glee club to join (it must be an American thing) and he never had the gift of song, so he must live vicariously through others. In particular, he only wishes that there could have been a chorus like the Warblers on Glee to have joined.

This is why the Blogger is very much looking forward to the Vancouver Men’s Chorus upcoming series of spring concerts. “Duets: Two Fabulous!” is exactly as it sounds: a series of duets starring talented and vocally inclined Vancouver men. The concept of this year’s show is duets performed by the Chorus and another local vocal group known as Pandora’s Vox. For the Glee fan within, this is a bit like watching two hours of dream duets between New Directions and the Warblers.

The Chorus is a non-profit group that showcases local gay and gay-friendly musical talent. They host a fall concert and a Christmas show, in addition to numerous events such as Big Gay Sing, World AIDS Day, AIDS Walk, outreach events, and Singing Can Be A Drag. The Blogger attended last year’s fall drag concert, where the “Telephone” duet was first performed by two intrepid members of the Chorus with copious amounts of glitter and suitable amounts of theatricality. The Chorus includes many of the Blogger’s personal friends, who have taken turns slaughtering him at karaoke night and making him look like the sad movie star warbling drunkenly in Lost in Translation. (Mercifully, the Blogger will not be allowed to castrate songs in front of a paying audience, not even as Yoko Ono in drag.)

The Chorus’s communications director, Jay Catterson, has been leaking hints as to the show’s song list. In several not-so-subtle posts to Twitter, Facebook and his own personal blog, the lyrics to Lady Gaga’s “Telephone” duet with Beyonce have appeared every so often and it will most definitely be part of the set list. Below is a bit of the performance rehearsals, which you can also view on the official promo on the Chorus’s official YouTube channel.

All proceeds from Duets will benefit the Chorus and Pandora’s Vox to foster new musical talent and a supportive atmosphere for the lyrically inclined in the LGBT community. 

Duets: Two Fabulous! runs from Thursday, May 12 to Sunday, May 15. All performances start at 8:00 pm nightly, with cabaret-style seating in tables of 4 or 6 guests each. Tickets are $30 for General Admission and $60/Reserved Patron Seating (includes $30 tax receiptable donation). Get your tickets fast, because the Saturday evening performance is already sold out! At the time of this writing, all of the $25 special Student / Senior Ticket rate are also sold out. Click here for more ticket information. Even if the online tickets are “sold out” for certain dates, there may be some available at Little Sister’s Bookstore and you can pick them up in person.

The Chorus is very prolific and has already released five albums in the past, with a Christmas disc in the works for release in the fourth quarter of 2011. Click here for more of their music. 

Break a leg, boys!