Sunday, October 16, 2011

VIFF 2011: The Wrap-Up

So, who else is exhausted?

The Vancouver International Film Festival was amazing this year. I have never taken in so many films in such a short amount of time.

What I enjoyed most were not just the films, but also the enthusiasm and endless patience from VIFF staff and volunteers, the courtesy extended by viewers to each other in line and in the theatres, and the long line-ups around the block to see more experimental film. We may not always get first dibs on major works – we are not Cannes or Toronto or Venice, after all – but the fact that in sheer numbers we are one of the five biggest film fests in North America, with the turnout to back it up, is in and of itself encouraging.

For a list of all my festival-related posts, click here. You will find the festival survival guide at this link, including previews at the following links: Preview 1, Preview 2Preview 3 and Preview 4. If you came to VIFF, I hope you ate well.

Here are the films I caught during VIFF 2011:

Thank you to the great people at the media office, the volunteers and the rest of the VIFF staff for showing everyone a great time. Let’s do it all again next year?